A grassroots fundraising campaign of HOPE International Development Agency, #NOMORETHICKWATER is engaging donors, their friends, and communities in raising funds to bring clean water and other life-changing support, like self-help groups, to people living in the isolated communities of Kole Zale and Kole Kanchame located in the highlands of southern Ethiopia, about 500 kilometres from the country’s capital, Addis Ababa.

everyone deserves clean water - that’s why we work where no one else will go

It’s not easy to help families living in remote areas of Ethiopia’s southern highlands, but we’re compelled by our understanding that any hardship encountered in the process of reaching a community, designing and constructing water systems, and implementing health education, sanitation, and self-help groups pales in comparison to the living conditions families living in extreme poverty endure every day.

$100 gives a mother clean water for life and helps start a self-help group: both of which will lift her family out of poverty.


local expertise makes good sense

The decades-long partnership between HOPE International Development Agency and families in Ethiopia is based on an unwavering commitment to their success in becoming free from poverty. Our commitment runs as deep as the water springs that have provided lasting supplies of clean water to more than 270,000 people since 1995.

The best way to create a lasting impact for families, their communities, and the ability of Ethiopians to help Ethiopians solve the challenges of poverty, is to invest in local expertise in addition to infrastructure like water systems. Our work in Ethiopia is lead by Ethiopians with expertise in community development, water systems, self-help groups, and training in the areas of health and sanitation.


change begins with clean water

Over the past 34 years, HOPE International Development Agency donors have enabled 270,000 Ethiopians to gain permanent access to clean water right in their communities.

Having access to clean water changes everything:

  • Gathering water for the day takes 10-15 minutes rather than 2-3 hours

  • The water gathered is clean, not dirty and full of bacteria and parasites

  • Rather than spending a good part of their day gathering water, women are able spend time learning new skills that enable them to generate a sustainable income

  • Children are able to attend school rather than accompanying their mothers on long, arduous treks in search of water

  • There is a significant decrease in the incidence of sickness among all people in the community, especially among the very young.


what donors say…

"I can’t think of a better use for $100 than changing a mother’s life" — Rachael

"Clean water, plus self-help groups… what a great way to positively impact a family — John

"I can’t imagine what it must be like to walk more than 6 kilometres a day just to bring home dirty water" — Marie