local solutions to poverty last for generations

All HOPE International Development Agency projects enable people living in extreme poverty to work together to create and implement long-lasting solutions to poverty through knowledge gained, skills developed, and access to resources not available in their communities.

$100 gives a person clean water for life and helps start a self-help group that will enable a mother to lift her family out of poverty.


$400,000 | 4,000 people | 60 days

clean water for everyone


clean water is the beginning of hope

Water, contaminated with debris, bacteria, and parasites, is the central reason 4,000 people in Kole Zale and Kole Kanchame, Ethiopia are trapped in extreme poverty.

Without clean water it’s impossible to plan for the future. Families are too busy trying to survive the harm their current drinking water supplies inflicts upon them.

When clean water is present, families focus on improving their lives through participation in activities like self-help groups where women support each other in learning new skills that enable them to create a sustainable income.


A proven approacH

  • Communities fully participate in the design, construction, maintenance and management of the water system, giving them ownership of the resource and the opportunities it creates.

  • Designed to meet more than twice the current daily demand, the water system allows for growth of the communities.

  • Four mountain springs will be capped (protecting the water from contamination) to feed four large storage tanks that will feed nine kilometres of pipeline carrying the water to 21 water points located throughout the communities, including taps to serve two schools, two health clinics, and one health centre.

  • Health, hygiene, and sanitation training, before, during, and after the construction of the water system ensure that families have the knowledge needed to maintain good health.


$400,000 | 4,000 people | 60 days

self-help Groups


 self-help groups are the beginning of self-reliance

Self-help groups provide women with confidence boosting peer support, training in small business development, low-interest loans, a way of saving money for the future, and the ability to create sustainable incomes right in their communities.

Group members state that the income generating activities created as a result of the training and loans they receive, along with the empowerment they feel as a result of taking ownership of their present and future, creates greater capacity to make life-decisions that continually improve their lives.


A proven approacH

  • Self-help groups are life-changing for woman as evidenced by the fact that nearly 20% of women involved with groups accept management roles offered by community and municipal associations/committees.

  • The average monthly income of households participating in self-help groups more than doubles

  • The loan repayment rate within self-help groups is nearly 100%, proving that group participants are achieving continued success in their income generating activities.

  • Even when group members gain access to other forms of lending, they prefer taking loans from the group, further strengthening the group’s impact within the community.


$400,000 | 4,000 people | 60 days



taking ownership of the problems and solutions creates success

Freedom from poverty is achieved when families and their communities work together to solve the problems caused by extreme poverty. Taking ownership of the problems and fully participating in solving those problems enables families and their communities to overcome poverty in a way that is sustainable and transformative.